Thursday, 15 December 2011

lazycooks white chocolate and kaju cookies

Hi everyone!my net connection came back after a little holiday!everyone needs a break including bsnl!I hope the damn thing is refreshed and doesnt go off again.....I did these cookies over the weekend,the variation on monday.These cookies are a hot favorite with my a batch you'd get about 22-24.These taste great with a cup of coffee..or tea..or milk or on their own..YUM.I have combined a couple of recipes that i had googled for white chocolate and macademia nut macademia nuts are not available at my corner kirana store...but kaju is!sooooo heres  my version.....
1.100gms butter
2.1/4cup brown sugar
3.1/4cup white sugar
5.1 egg
6.1 1/2 cup flour
7.1/2 spoon baking soda
8.1/2 spoon vanilla essence
9.1/2 spoon almond essence
10.1/2 cup white chocolate chips
11.1/2 cup cashewnuts (roughly chopped...biggish pieces)
1.In a bowl,beat the butter and two sugars together..i use an electric beater,beat until its soft and creamy.Add the two essences(if you dont have almond essence..worry not..simply add 1tsp of vanilla essence)
2.Add the egg and then add the flour(in which you have added the baking soda and sieved  together)
3.Add the white chocolate chips and the kaju.
4.Butter a baking tray and brop spoonfulls of the mixture on it..these spread a give them a little space.
5.Your oven should be pre heated and the cookies go in at 180degC.Bake for 10 to 12 mins..till the cookies get light golden brown. 
6.Take them and put them on a wire rack to cool......3 cookies vanished as they were cooling! am submitting this recipe for a cookie fest.and and jingle all the way edible entertainmentjingle all the way at edible entertainment


  1. Looks yum and I am sure tastes too.Its good that you are helping us find substitutes for the ingredients that are difficult to procure.coz in far flung places like these it will take one year just to make the kirana chap understand Macadamia.Will try these for sure when the voltage fluctuation decides to go on a holiday

  2. thanks so much for linking this to Jingle All The Way. Please mention my link separately for it to redirect to my page. RIght now, it doesn't link to my event. try giving space between Edible Entertainment & the link (http)
    Kavi (Edible Entertainment)

  3. Its absolutely difficult to find a good lot of baking ingredients in India. Cashew and white chocolate cookies, interesting and yumm! Thanks for sending these to my event!