Tuesday, 13 March 2012

lazy cooks chocolate salami

Hi guys...........howz you doing?Vegetarians.. .  ..stick around,there's no meat in this recipe..only lots and lots of calories....but we don't care..right?Whats a few calories between friends?I had done this for a friends daughter's birthday party...along with the birthday cake(pictured below)....long story short..my kids were shocked to see the entire roll of chocolate salami leaving the house..without them getting some..if not all!!!
doggy on a diet!not a happy fella:(
So here I am .....or rather here it is...I made it again.....there's another reason that I decided to do this today...my dog(casper)has been put on a diet by the vet.I told my hubby that the vet is an army officer used to army dogs..their levels of fitness differ.....but  NO..hubby doesn't agree and my poor dear is on a diet...no snacks for him,no biscuits...no baked goodies..just his food!How sad is that?.look at his sad ..sad face!.............
Onto the recipe...I normally would've used cashew biscuits...but since I can't give casper anymore digestive biscuits(he loves them)I decided to use these in the chocolate salami..that way I am not tempted to give him a tiny little bite ......chocolate is supposed to be like poison for dogs.
1 tin of condensed milk
200 gms of any rich biscuit
100 gms of butter
walnuts/cashewnuts(1/2 cup each)
 2 1/2 cups.dessicated coconut plus 1/2 cup more for dusting and rolling the chocolate salami
 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
1.Put every thing in a heavy bottomed pan.....after roughly pounding the biscuits with a rolling pin....you can guess who i thought was at the other end of the rolling pin..........NO...not my hubby....the vet!
the butter has still not melted
the mixture 's come together
2.Heat it till the butter melts and everything sticks together....you keep adding the dessicated coconut..till the mix comes together.Now break off portions ,I normally go with half the mixture at a time.At this stage you need to knead(heh...heh)the mixture...spread some dessicated coconut on the slab and knead away..then roll it into a log shape.
after the kneading.
.On some clingfilm...spread dessicated coconut again,put one log in..and roll tightly...put in ther refrigerator to cool down.........at least for 2 hours.

going into the refrigerator

the cake.

for a very sweet little girl.
4. Thereafter take it out of the fridge,remove the clingfilm..and cut into thin slices.. that's all.All those who asked for the recipe yesterday...here it is..do tell me when you try it out:-).


  1. Yummyyyy that's so sweet for a friends daughter :) the name lazy cook is really good first time here glad I found lazy cook ;)

  2. Hmmm...very interesting salami.

  3. Oh dear. That looks just like a salami. Excellent one...

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  5. this looks just awesome.mouthwatering...thanx dear 4 sharing this.........

  6. Wow,looks awesome, I would have had some in the name of tasting even before freezing them..

  7. Chocolate salami is a real treat for children. Yours has turned out beautifully!

  8. Chocolate salami,nice name & yummy bites too!!Your friend is lucky,Simran..Beautiful cake,admire the patience n effort put in the doll cake,lovely!!

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    Erivum Puliyum

  9. wow chocolate salami different name...and yummy recipe...u r not a lazy cook....u put lot of patience put to make doll cake...

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  11. Wow, chocolate salami looks divine & that cake looks amazing! Thanks Simran for visiting me and for your nice words :)

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    Loved it..

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