Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lazy cooks apple and fig jam

hi..................this is my first post,i'm pretty nervous coz i'm pretty sure i'm doing a lot of things wrong....the recipe though is bang on.perfect these days b'coz apples are in season,oranges easily available  and dried figs again available.
This is what the jam looks like once its ready.
THE ingredients
1kg apples
200gms dried figs
650gms sugar(you can go up to a kg of sugar..upto you)
250 mls orange juice(grate the zest and then take the juice out)
1tsp of cinnamon powder(optional)
1.After washing and coring the apples,you can chop it up into small pcs....or you can just cut them into big chunks and throw them in the food processor with the figs.Process for 30 seconds....or like i said earlier just chop up the apples and the figs into small hand.
2.Take this apple fig mush ,put it in a really big pan along with the grated zest of two oranges,orange juice and sugar.
3.Cook this on a medium flame for about an hour...keep stirring in between....stirring and mashing(i had to borrow my neighbours potato masher...thanks Manisha!).
4.Keep sterlized bottles ready,put the jam in the bottles.get your daughter to make the labels...let it cool down....then have some toast ready to spread this absolutely divine jam...and its healthy apples,oranges, figs.