Saturday, 31 December 2011

lazy cooks carrot cake.

Hi everyone.....HAPPY NEW YEAR........as2011 rolls to an end and we keep our fingers crossed about 2012......its time to ponder over the past year........make keepable resolutions for2012 cake!What did you think?i'm not here to give some major gyan........this is a food blog!
 This is my mom's recipe for carrot sister and i had plenty of this while growing up......and i make this for my children(ofcourse only when carrots are available).... .a wonderful cake.....healthy and nice...and perfect for welcoming the new year!
1.3 cups atta(whole wheat flour)....told ya its healthy.
2.2 cups grated carrots...healthy
3.2 cups chopped dates....same thing.(healthy!)
4.1tsp baking powder
5.1tsp baking soda.
6.1 1/2 cups sugar
7.1 1/2 cups oil
8.6 medium or 8 small eggs.
9.1tsp mixed spice
10.1 cup chopped walnuts(optional)

1.Simply put everything in a bowl and beat till combined........isnt my moms recipe the best!
2.Preheat the oven for about 10 mins,grease and dust your baking pans..i get 3 medium sized loaf cakes......the shape doesnt matter..grease and dust whichever pan you're happy with.Bake at 180degC for approx.45 mins....basically till the cake gets done(comes away from the edges.and a skewer inserted in the cake comes out clean.)
3.Thats it.Done.......................I serve it without any icing..if you want.... some icing sugar can be dusted on top....or if you have access to cream cheese,then thats what goes on top.enjoy!
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Thursday, 22 December 2011

lazy cooks chocolate fudge

Hi My children's winter break has started!!Those with two or more children(one kid doesnt count)know what i am going thru...........the sleepin  in the morning is good...........infact great in these winters(i am kinda convinced that i must have been a bear in some previous life!coz winters seriously mean hibernation to me)BUT then after the monsters are awake(.and with electronic media currently being rationed).aaaaaaaaagh!like i said only those with two or more kids will understand.
I have some friends coming over for dinner tonight and one of the desserts is this chocolate fudge....its really easy to do and its mindblowingly good.I saw somewhere the presentation in these cute little cupcake wrappers with the silver dragee ......initially i used to cut up bars and serve them on a crystal platter..this looks better though.
1.500GMS dark chocolate
2.1 tin condensed milk.
3.1 tablespoon honey(its not in the picture but its in the fudge)
1.Thwack the chocolate(my impliment of choice is a rolling pin).break it up into small bits.
2.In a heavy bottomed pan(kadai),put the condensed milk,chocolate and honey and put it on the heat,till it melts and comes together. 
3.Prepare  the pan with cling that its easy to take the fudge out when its set.
4.Pour the fudge into the prepared pan and set in the fridge for at least an hour.
5.Take it out .cut some..... .taste it....then cut more put them in the cupcake wrappers,put whatever you want on top...taste it again.......hide the rest before you finish it!(ok..i think i'm talking about myself can skip that step)
6.This is an extremely forgiving fudge...add whatever catches your fancy........nuts,liquor,mint.whatever.i just enjoy this pure!One of the very few things that i like without nuts.
7.Happy birthday to me!This easy peasy fudge is a gift from me to you .enjoy!
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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

lazy cooks brandied fruitcake cookies

Hi guys...........nothing says christmas quite like..well plum cake!But this year,i just couldnt procure the ingrds for the the next best thing are the cookies,brandied cookies with a red wine glaze.Perfect for getting into the spirit of christmas!If you dont want the glaze ...thats fine the cookies taste  good(they just loose that little extra something)....The brandy however definately needs to go compromises on this.Lets get baking.....
1.2 cups flour
2.1 tsp baking powder
3.1 tsp ground cinnamon
4.grated zest of one orange
5.3/4 cup of brown sugar
6.1/2 cup butter
7.1/2 cup of brandy
8.2 eggs
9.2 cups of chopped bry fruit(i had walnuts,almonds,cashewnuts,raisins,dried apricots and musk melon seeds) add what you have..just make sure that you have 2 cups.
10.1 cup tooti frooti in red and green.
1.Zap the butter in the microwave for 30 seconds...(that is if you're in similar cold conditions like me..if you're in some tropical paradise thn you skip this)
2.To the butter add..the sugar,eggs,grated zest of orange and the cinnamon...beat this up..i use an electric beater and beat for about a minute.See that poor naked orange in the pic..its clothes are in the bowl!
3.Now simply add all the dry ingrds...the flour,baking powder,tooti frooti and dry fruits.Add the brandy........mix it up well.
4.On a buttered baking tray drop spoonfulls of the mixture..........preheat your oven at 180degC.........then after your tray is they go for 20 mins..they'll get a very light golden..just check that the bottom is firm...(the cookies bottom....what did you think?).
5.After the cookies come out of the oven,cool them on a wire rack...they are ready to be attacked  OR you can complete them by putting a red wine glaze.
6.RED WINE GLAZE.........6 Tablespoons of white sugar,2 tablespoons of water and 50 gms butter..put it in a pan and boil till the sugar completely dissolves..after that put out the flame and add 2 tablespoons of red wine,(or rum).....thats it!...start putting this on the cookies,sprinkle some coloured sugar crystals and we're done!MERRY CHRISTMAS
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Monday, 19 December 2011

lazy cooks chicken sizzler.

Hi the mercury continues its southerly route i get more and more reluctant to enter the kitchen post sunset...but the tragedy of it all is that if you really really want to eat something...well then you gotta move!I made these chicken sizzlers last was perfect in this cold.At its heart and soul its a nita mehta recipe,tweaked away to suit me...also in all honesty i lost the recipe book!Anyway ziss is what i do........guys sorry about the lack of was too cold and i was too hungry!
1.700 gms chichen
2.1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste
3.2tablespoons barbeque sauce(i used american garden)
4.1teaspoon mustard sauce
5.1 tablespoon tomato puree
6.1 tablespoon olive oil.
7.7-8 cloves of garlic,ground with 1 green chilli
8.1 tablespoon of honey.
9.salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
10.a handful of cashew.
11.1 tablespoon of cornflour dissolved in a quater cup of water.
1.Marinate the chicken in everything except the garlic-green chilli and cashew,at least for 2 hours.
2.After two hours,put about a tablespoon of oil in a pressure cooker and fry the garlic-green chilli..till it just starts to change colour...add the chicken(marinade and all)..add1/2cup of water......pressure cook for one whistle.Let the pressure drop...then take out the chicken pcs.......get the stove on and in the liquid thats in the pan add the handful of cashew and the cornflour,the mixture thickens and your sauce is ready!....please season acoording to your taste.
3.Chicken ready...the next element would be the veg,i cut some carrots and cauliflower,threw them in boiling salted water to which i had added a tablespoon of butter,took them out when they still had a bite to them,tossed them again(!) in butter,sprinkled salt n pepper....finito.Beans and broccoli also taste great like this.
4.The last element...french fries.i cut open a packet and deep fried...there was an option of baking them...but i prefer frying them!
5.Last but not the least ...if you have the sizzler plates..then you put the iron plate on the stove..get it red hot,put it on the wooden base,spread some cabbage leaves,then arrange the chicken on one side,pour a bit of the sauce on top.pile the veg on the other and put the fries in the centre.......yum!To carry on with the whole sizzle effect,take small pcs of really cold butter and put  in one or two places around the food(on the iron tray).If you dont have a sizzler plate..worry not!this will taste as good on your regular plate.

lazy cooks easy chocolate cookies by julie

OMG!What a great julie of  the Erivum Puliyum blog.....check out the orignal here absolutely right the cookies just vanish!i had to tear myself away from them..the cookies are almost brownie like in texture and ready in 3 mins..imagine that!anyway heres the recipe
1.1cup flour
2.1/2 spoon baking powder
3.1 tablespoon cocoa powder
4.1/2cup butter
5.3tsp milk
6.1/4 cup broken cashews(i ran out of kaju so i used walnuts)
7.1/2 cup powdered sugar.
1Sift your dry ingrds together.........add the melted butter (i also added 1/2 tsp of vanilla essence),knead it together....then spread it on a microwaveable tray.....micro at 80% for 3mins.
2.Take it out,cut it..taste it and then run to tell everyone about it!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

lazy cooks veg-cheese spread.

Hi everyone......after another hectic weekend,the dust finally settles on monday morning...and here i am!I made this veg cheese spread last night and kept it in the fridge.This is absolutely great for sandwiches (grilled or otherwise)...or just spreading on top of crackers for those unexpected guests.For me though....monday morning,i grilled the s/wiches and sent in their tiffins.
couldnt be simpler!
1.1 carrot(you need to peel and grate this)
2.100gms cheese(grated)
3.1 small onion(grated)
4.1 med sized capcicum(chopped fine)
5.1green chilli(chopped fine)(optional)
6.a handful of corriander leaves(chopped fine)
7.2 tablespoons of eggless mayo
8.1 tsp of mustard sauce
9.2tsps of tomato sauce
10.salt and pepper to taste
1.Put all the prepared stuff into a bowl ,mix...add the salt and pepper to taste and viola!..........  all done!
2.This mix keeps just fine for a few days(in the fridge).Put it in an air tight dabba.(container)
3.My sister also added a grated apple to the mix....(she swore it tasted really good).......................any more suggestions?.............i look forward to hearing from you.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

lazy cooks rocky road

Hi ....i love rocky road..i guess any chocoholic would.The texture of the bar is remenicent of   going to town for us out here...the road is pretty darn rocky!This is obviously easy to do,obviously takes in butter and is obviously the road to heaven.(not literally!..........unless you have diabetes,in which case i guess you should give this a miss.)
1.100gms cooking chocolate
2.100gms of any rich buttery cookie(i used kaju khjoor)
3.1 tablespoon of honey
4.1 tablespoon of sugar
5.1 cup of marshmallows(i had the big fellows so i cut them up...if you get mini marshmallows that would be better)
6.1/2 cup of walnuts
7.1 tablespoon of cocoa powder. 
8.1/2 cup of white chocolate chips
9.1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips
1.Put the butter,roughly pounded chocolate,cocoa powder,honey and sugar in a heavy bottomed pan.(i used a kadhai).heat on a medium flame.
2.Roughly pound the cookies(you definately want pcs...not a be controlled in your aggression)
3.Once the chocolate and the other stuff have melted and come together.take it off the flame and simply add the rest of the ingrds,mix and pour into a greased pan.Let the top look is rocky road.
4.Set it in thr fridge for at least an hour,then take it out and cut into bars.
...................... all the edible cookies and cakes event

lazy cooks dark and white chocolate cookies with nuts.

To continue......the variation to the white chocolate and cashew cookies is that the next day i added dark chocolate chips and walnuts(1/4 cup each).the yumminess  continues.........
Everything is  almost the same as the white choc.chip and cashew cookies.....simply reduce the white choc chips to 1/4 cup,add 1/4 cup dark choc chips.Reduce the cashew to 1/4 cup and add 1/4 cup walnuts.Simple!

lazycooks white chocolate and kaju cookies

Hi everyone!my net connection came back after a little holiday!everyone needs a break including bsnl!I hope the damn thing is refreshed and doesnt go off again.....I did these cookies over the weekend,the variation on monday.These cookies are a hot favorite with my a batch you'd get about 22-24.These taste great with a cup of coffee..or tea..or milk or on their own..YUM.I have combined a couple of recipes that i had googled for white chocolate and macademia nut macademia nuts are not available at my corner kirana store...but kaju is!sooooo heres  my version.....
1.100gms butter
2.1/4cup brown sugar
3.1/4cup white sugar
5.1 egg
6.1 1/2 cup flour
7.1/2 spoon baking soda
8.1/2 spoon vanilla essence
9.1/2 spoon almond essence
10.1/2 cup white chocolate chips
11.1/2 cup cashewnuts (roughly chopped...biggish pieces)
1.In a bowl,beat the butter and two sugars together..i use an electric beater,beat until its soft and creamy.Add the two essences(if you dont have almond essence..worry not..simply add 1tsp of vanilla essence)
2.Add the egg and then add the flour(in which you have added the baking soda and sieved  together)
3.Add the white chocolate chips and the kaju.
4.Butter a baking tray and brop spoonfulls of the mixture on it..these spread a give them a little space.
5.Your oven should be pre heated and the cookies go in at 180degC.Bake for 10 to 12 mins..till the cookies get light golden brown. 
6.Take them and put them on a wire rack to cool......3 cookies vanished as they were cooling! am submitting this recipe for a cookie fest.and and jingle all the way edible entertainmentjingle all the way at edible entertainment

Thursday, 8 December 2011

lazycooks chicken vindaloo

Hi!its cold out here......ya ya i know..its probably colder wherever you are...but i am feeling cold out here!Its  weather perfect for chicken vindaloo.Vindaloo is Goan preparation,could be pork,beef or chicken.An authentic vindaloo does not have potatoes in it(i know the name has aloo in it...but still!)Hubby dear is from Mangalore but i love to think of him as almost goan(after all same coastline)so this is my version of this dish...and i add potatoes to it(thats the only thing my daughter will eat.shes a pseudo vegetarian)
I must tell you this,my maid thinks i've gone crazy...taking photographs of food,before and after versions....she was shaking her head sadly as she left my house!
1 700 gms of chicken
2.4 med sized potatoes(i know there are 5 in the pic..the biggest chap was not used)
3.2 big onions chopped fine
4.2 big tomatoes chopped fine
5.a handfull of dhaniya(cilantro)chopped fine
6.2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar
7.1 inch of ginger
8.10 cloves of garlic
9.1 green chilli
to be roasted(put in a pan without any oil and heat)
2tablespoons of dhaniya seeds.1tablespoon of jeera,5cloves,1tablespoon of black pepper,5cardamom(elaichi).1inch cinnamon stick,3or4 dried red chillis.
1.Put about 1and a half tablespoons of oil in a pressure pan.add the chopped onions to this and fry till golden brown.
2.In the meanwhile take all your roasted spices,along with the ginger and garlic,grind them to a fine paste using the vinegar.
3.After the onions have turned golden brown,add the tomatos and half of the corriander,add salt to taste.
4.Add the masala,fry for a few minutes.
5.Add the chicken and the potatoes(which have been cut into chunky pcs..or however you like it).cover and give it one whistle........or you can do it without the pressure element..simply cover and cook
 till done.
6.Garnish with chopped hara dhaniya..and serve with pav or some boiled rice.Bon Appetit.
7.If there is an easier way of doing this do let me know...going to the restuarant is not an option..

lazy cooks chocolate pie

hi entering this also for julies event at Erivum Puliyum
i made this pie for dessert this is really really easy...but it needs setting time,ideally overnight,else at least 5 my house things like this get attacked before they set!"i like it like this" is the most heard statement.
1.400gms dark chocolate.
2.200gms condensed milk(1/2 tin)
3.200gms cream(1 tetrapack)
4.2pkts goodday biscuits(or digestive,or any buttery biscuit)200gms
5.100gms butter.
if desired to cover the top with whipped cream then
1.200gms cream
2.1 tablespoon icing sugar.
1.Put the biscuits in your blender,powder them,take it out on to a plate.Melt the butter ,pour it on the biscuits and mix thoroughly.
2.Take a loose bottomed pan and spread this buttery mess all along the bottom and sides.put it in the fridge to set.

3.Now take the chocolate,measure out 400gms and thwack the living daylights out of it(i use a rolling pin),get it into small pcs..btw great for taking out all the pent up aggression!Put the broken chocolate pcs,the condensed milk and cream in a heavy bottomed pan(i use a kadhai).
4.Keep the flame on medium and stir cannot stop stirring or your chocolate will burn....guess who volunteered to stir the chocolate!After it melts and the whole thing is one smooth mix,simply pour into the prepared base.Leave for setting,either overnight ...or 4-5 hours.
5.Ater its can whip the cream,add a tablespoon of icing sugar and ice the top of the pie.
6.ENJOY! am entering this recipe in the foodilicious fest too.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

lazycooks orange sponge drops

Hi folks,its early morning..the hubby and kids are out of the house,the servants havent arrived yet..there is absolute peace.Normally i would've headed straight back to bed but the net has been acting up(its become very moody.....the connection comes and goes as it pleases)so instead of following my dog..i'm going to blog!

1. 2 eggs
2.3/4 cup castor sugar(the orignal recipe called for 1 1/4 cup..i found that too have a choice)
3.1/2 tsp of  grated orange  rind
4.2 tablespoons of orange marmalade
5.100gms of chocolate(any...could be dark cooking choc,cadburys,amul,nestle..whatever)
1.Preheat the oven to 200degC.Line 2 baking sheets with baking parchment....which we dont get you have to first put oil,then dust the sheet with flour.
2.Now put the eggs and sugar in a bowl and put it over a pan of simmering water(the water should not touch the bottom of your bowl containing the eggs or you'll have some pretty yucky scrambled eggs)..and start whisking.Keep whisking till the mix is thick and pale.Its hard work...but perservere..the results are worth it!
3.After you've got the mix all beautiful thick and pale,take it of the heat.......and keep whisking.........(the end is in sight..i promise you! ).When it cools down add the grated orange rind.I also added 1tsp of orange essence and a touch of orange colour(essence coz i hate even a little bit of the eggy smell and colour coz i like it...the orignal recipe had neither)
4.Fold in the flour till well combined.
5.Place teaspoonfuls of the mix on the two sheets.
6.Bake for 10 mins..till it light golden.
7.Remove from the oven,let it cool a little then remove from the sheets and put on a wire rack...let it cool completely.
8.Spread each cake with a little marmalade and sandwich two together.
9.Use the same double boiler to melt the chocolate(simmering water..bottom water to touch the bowl in which the chocolate is).Drizzle this over the cakes.
10.These are light and crispy and actually quite easy to do.Do try them out and let me know how they turned out.   

Sunday, 4 December 2011

lazy cooks malty walty banana cake.

Hi.......i baked this banana loaf  cake ,coz i had overripe bananas lying in my freezer,a la nigella lawson!Actually i tried it for the first time(freezing bananas)and i must say that though they(bananas) looked d..isg...ustin...g as they defrosted,they lent themselves very well to the cake/bread.The malt element is purely optional,but it definately elevates this to another level.
The Ingredients
3 over ripe bananas(the ones in the pic are not the over ripe ones..they looked really bad as they defrosted...these are their better looking cousins).you need one cup of mashed banana.
2 eggs
3/4 cup brown sugar
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup oil(forgot to put it in the pic!)
1 3/4 cup of flour( can also use atta,but you'll have a heavier cake)
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup of any malted milk food(maltova,horlicks,nutramul,compleat etc etc)
1/2 cup of chopped walnuts
1.Sieve the dry ingrds together(maida.baking soda,salt)Toss the walnuts in this.
2.Pre heat your oven,set it to 180degC.Prepare your loaf pan(smear oil/butter all over the inside of the pan then dust it well with flour)
3.In your blender jar put the rest of the ingrds(the mashed bananas,the two sugars,eggs,oil and the malted milk food)Blend till its all combined.
4.Add the product of your blender to the dry stuff.Mix till combined.Pour into the prepared tin and bake for 35 to 40 mins..till a skewer(or knife)inserted into the body of the cake comes out clean...The sides of the cake also start getting away from the tin.
5.Take it out,cut nice chunky slices and enjoy.Before i could take more pics of this it was gone!   

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lazy cooks apple and fig jam

hi..................this is my first post,i'm pretty nervous coz i'm pretty sure i'm doing a lot of things wrong....the recipe though is bang on.perfect these days b'coz apples are in season,oranges easily available  and dried figs again available.
This is what the jam looks like once its ready.
THE ingredients
1kg apples
200gms dried figs
650gms sugar(you can go up to a kg of sugar..upto you)
250 mls orange juice(grate the zest and then take the juice out)
1tsp of cinnamon powder(optional)
1.After washing and coring the apples,you can chop it up into small pcs....or you can just cut them into big chunks and throw them in the food processor with the figs.Process for 30 seconds....or like i said earlier just chop up the apples and the figs into small hand.
2.Take this apple fig mush ,put it in a really big pan along with the grated zest of two oranges,orange juice and sugar.
3.Cook this on a medium flame for about an hour...keep stirring in between....stirring and mashing(i had to borrow my neighbours potato masher...thanks Manisha!).
4.Keep sterlized bottles ready,put the jam in the bottles.get your daughter to make the labels...let it cool down....then have some toast ready to spread this absolutely divine jam...and its healthy apples,oranges, figs.