Monday, 21 May 2012

lazy cooks mango ice cream


Hi I go destroying all the good will  I garnered because of those two fat free posts.This is not fat a long shot but it is velly..velly goood....and velly ..velly easy.It's ice cream the way my mom used to make it(before the ice cream maker) ....Actually its a kulfi masquerading as ice cream, but,since it was called ice cream when I was cream it is!
condensed milk-1 tin
1 lt milk
2 slices of white bread
2 cups mango pulp
1.Put the milk to boil in as heavy bottomed pan,till it reduces to 1/2.Add the slices of bread and condensed milk...stir a bit,let it come to a rolling boil,then take it of the heat.
2.Puree the mango pulp ,when the milk mix is cool enough to put into the blender....blend with the mango pulp(you'd probably need to do this in batches...unless you have a really huge blender!)
3.Pour this creamy mess into a freezer safe bowl..with a tight fitting lid..and freeze.
4.It's ready to serve when it sets!
1.See me trying to cut some calories!........if you want ,when you're pureeing the whole mix can add a cup of cream..I didn't and it still tasted great.
2.If you want a few drops of colour can be added......I didn't add coz I  wanted this to be totally natural(OK...who am I kidding.....I forgot)
3.If you wait 24 hrs to serve this...then you'll need to put your bowl in the refrigertator for a bit to soften the ice cream.
a bowl of mango ice cream
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  1. I tried kulfi ths way with pistaa.......ths also sounds yummyyyy.....will try soon

  2. Sounds yummy!! :) Love mango ice cream..

  3. This is a very popular method to make Indian mango ice cream... my mom used to make a similar mango ice cream with bread in my childhood days. Your ice cream sounds and looks absolutely mouth-watering!

  4. Nice idea, using bread to make the ice cream..

  5. ice creams are my fav. and mangoes are my fav. so mango ice cream is superb for this summer. looks so great.

  6. lovely n yummy icecream......

  7. Haven't tried with bread slices yet,looks delicious n great way to reduce calories:-)

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  8. Delicious and quick way to make icecream..loved the recipe

  9. Havent tried icecream with bread slices,sounds fantastic..Delicious icecream.

  10. Lovely recipe

  11. Wow this is really to me.... Wil definitely try this method....

  12. Yum!!! MAngo is my favorite fruit and flavor! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  13. Looks delicious... especially since it is mango, a favorite flavor. I have been out from blogging for a while. Missed quite a few of your recipes. So checking them out...!

  14. Yes Simran, I remember my mom adding soaked bread to the kulfi to give a malai effect..

  15. WOW! You are gonna make me fat with all these recipes ;)


  16. Looks like a very tasty ice-cream! Loved the recipe :)

  17. Very nice post..Will try this for my kiddu..:-) Thank you.:-)

  18. Nice one. I remember the mango icecream that my grandmom used to make (of course, not such a convenient one) and your post made me feel pretty nostalgic. Thanks to the ease of this one, I will possibly try it out. It is almost June, but am yet to find good mangos at a reasonable price in Hyd. Any pointers, anyone?

  19. Brilliant, Simran! This is such a wonderful recipe. Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. Mouthwatering here, looks really good!

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  22. mango ice cream looks so delish....absolutely mouth watering dear :-)

  23. yum I love mango Ice cream. Yum I love mango to start with.

  24. yummy trying tonight...yeppie thanxz manisha

  25. Mango ice cream looks so delicious n yummy.

  26. the heat here is unbearable that we only are eating such treats. who thinks about the calorie and fat content. bring on everything frozen or chilled.

  27. Looks very tempting simran... going to make it for some indulgence :)

  28. thanks Simran for popping by to my have a beautiful ice-cream recipe, I am all salivating. Following you too:-)

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