Thursday, 8 December 2011

lazy cooks chocolate pie

hi entering this also for julies event at Erivum Puliyum
i made this pie for dessert this is really really easy...but it needs setting time,ideally overnight,else at least 5 my house things like this get attacked before they set!"i like it like this" is the most heard statement.
1.400gms dark chocolate.
2.200gms condensed milk(1/2 tin)
3.200gms cream(1 tetrapack)
4.2pkts goodday biscuits(or digestive,or any buttery biscuit)200gms
5.100gms butter.
if desired to cover the top with whipped cream then
1.200gms cream
2.1 tablespoon icing sugar.
1.Put the biscuits in your blender,powder them,take it out on to a plate.Melt the butter ,pour it on the biscuits and mix thoroughly.
2.Take a loose bottomed pan and spread this buttery mess all along the bottom and sides.put it in the fridge to set.

3.Now take the chocolate,measure out 400gms and thwack the living daylights out of it(i use a rolling pin),get it into small pcs..btw great for taking out all the pent up aggression!Put the broken chocolate pcs,the condensed milk and cream in a heavy bottomed pan(i use a kadhai).
4.Keep the flame on medium and stir cannot stop stirring or your chocolate will burn....guess who volunteered to stir the chocolate!After it melts and the whole thing is one smooth mix,simply pour into the prepared base.Leave for setting,either overnight ...or 4-5 hours.
5.Ater its can whip the cream,add a tablespoon of icing sugar and ice the top of the pie.
6.ENJOY! am entering this recipe in the foodilicious fest too.