Thursday, 8 December 2011

lazycooks chicken vindaloo

Hi!its cold out here......ya ya i know..its probably colder wherever you are...but i am feeling cold out here!Its  weather perfect for chicken vindaloo.Vindaloo is Goan preparation,could be pork,beef or chicken.An authentic vindaloo does not have potatoes in it(i know the name has aloo in it...but still!)Hubby dear is from Mangalore but i love to think of him as almost goan(after all same coastline)so this is my version of this dish...and i add potatoes to it(thats the only thing my daughter will eat.shes a pseudo vegetarian)
I must tell you this,my maid thinks i've gone crazy...taking photographs of food,before and after versions....she was shaking her head sadly as she left my house!
1 700 gms of chicken
2.4 med sized potatoes(i know there are 5 in the pic..the biggest chap was not used)
3.2 big onions chopped fine
4.2 big tomatoes chopped fine
5.a handfull of dhaniya(cilantro)chopped fine
6.2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar
7.1 inch of ginger
8.10 cloves of garlic
9.1 green chilli
to be roasted(put in a pan without any oil and heat)
2tablespoons of dhaniya seeds.1tablespoon of jeera,5cloves,1tablespoon of black pepper,5cardamom(elaichi).1inch cinnamon stick,3or4 dried red chillis.
1.Put about 1and a half tablespoons of oil in a pressure pan.add the chopped onions to this and fry till golden brown.
2.In the meanwhile take all your roasted spices,along with the ginger and garlic,grind them to a fine paste using the vinegar.
3.After the onions have turned golden brown,add the tomatos and half of the corriander,add salt to taste.
4.Add the masala,fry for a few minutes.
5.Add the chicken and the potatoes(which have been cut into chunky pcs..or however you like it).cover and give it one whistle........or you can do it without the pressure element..simply cover and cook
 till done.
6.Garnish with chopped hara dhaniya..and serve with pav or some boiled rice.Bon Appetit.
7.If there is an easier way of doing this do let me know...going to the restuarant is not an option..


  1. And definitely not an option in I said earlier are on a roll....and for carnivore like me this is bliss...will ask hubby to try this this weekend...when restaurants are not an the husband is def an option and thats my version of easier way out

  2. love your version snehal!....thanks for taking time out to comment on my means a lot to me.

  3. Hey I thought the "original" vindaloo contained "methi" seeds :)

  4. hi sudhir......there are versions galore of vindaloo.....there are some that do away with the ginger too...this is just my version of your input though!

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