Monday, 30 April 2012

lazy cooks fried okra/karari bhindi

Hi...........deep fried okra,karari bhindi,jaipuri many my house its known as crispy bhindi......also the only way my family has this veg!....yup..pretty unhealthy tastes these fellas have!Infact a couple of months back I baked this(put olive oil on a baking tray.and shoved it in the oven for  20-25 mins) the end of the baking time,the veg was very was dry....... and we were sitting around like a bunch of cows chewing was that chewy.The conclusion we arrived at was that we really like the deep fried version, the  baked version was not for us.
1/2 kg okra(washed,patted dry,topped n tailed)
1 tblsp ginger garlic paste
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp red chilli pdr
1 tsp ajwain(bishop seeds,carom )
salt to taste
1 tsp dhania (corriander seeds)pwdr
1/2 tsp garam masala pdr
1heaped tblsp of chickpea flour(besan)
1 tsp rice flour
veg oil for deep frying
1.Cut the okra into thin 1 inch pcs.....take a topped n tailed okra..cut into half lenghtways,now cut each half into 3 pcs..then cut them into 1 inch pcs.
2.Sprinkle all the spices,mix in the ginger garlic paste the lemon juice ,salt..then toss in the chickpea and rice flour....toss till nicely mixed...then deep fry till golden brown....this does take I would advice you to excercise patience and hang around..not go of to check your mail..because if you do that then the chances are that it might fry a little too much..I'm just saying....not that I would ever do something like this..but you know!..OK I did that and had to throw away one lot!..So people just hang around on a medium high flame just deep fry these....drain on absorbent paper...and we're done.
3.This is an excellent side dish.........have this with rice and dal......or with chichen curry tastes great.


On a completely different son turned 14 on the 27th.He refused to have a party..and then didn't want to go out for dinner(!)...I asked him what cake he wanted..he mumbled icing this is what I did ,when he saw the cake he mumbled  .."but mama I said ice cream cake"I must confess my first reaction was to ask him to take diction classes somewhere....but being the birthay boy and all..(and I figured another 5 years of driving me crazy)I told him that would get done later..right now cut the damn chocolate cake with truffle icing..covered with buttercream.......your "icing cake"........either he learns to speak more clearly or I need to get a hearing aid!


  1. I love this kurkuri bhindi...and so does everyone in my family.BTW We call it Kurkuri you have one more name for the same dish.
    I love the cake too...and yeah kids do get on your nerves with things like this but nevertheless we gotta spoil birthday boys/ girls...

  2. crisp and crunchy masala bhindi ..favourite at my place too..:)

  3. inviting & very tempting..very well done..:)
    happy bday to your loving son..!
    Tasty Appetite

  4. Fried bhindi looks very nice.... Convey my wishes to ur son...

  5. super yummy .............and belated B'day wishes to your sweet son....

  6. Crispy and yummy bhindi, and wishes to the b'day boy..

  7. This is a very tasty dish. Crunchy and full of flavour X

  8. Crispy and delicious yummy .Belated bday to ur sweet and cute one..One award is on my space pls collect it

  9. crispy and yummy bhindi..belated wishes to ur son dear :)

  10. Nice crunchy and delicious one !!

    Ongoing event
    CC:Spring Seasonal Food

  11. Ha ha had a good laugh reading ur sons ice cream cake story....happy b'day to him....I recently saw this bindi fry on TV and was waiting for a chance to make it...thanks for sharing it dear.

  12. Fried bhindis looks super crispy and addictive..Belated birthday wishes to ur son..

  13. Never tried bindi fry in this style looks so wishes to ur sonn..

  14. Crispy delicious fry..First time here...Nice space...Wishes to your son..

  15. this type of bhendi fry never tried..luks yumm.vl try next time.....n Blated wishes 2 ur son..

  16. Bhindi is my favorite recipe !! Love it when it's fried :))

    Love the cake !! Happy birthday to your son !!

  17. belated ahppy birthday to your sonnu boy. the incident is funny but am sure he must have loved this cake. the bhindi fry looks delish.

  18. Haha, that's hilarious! I don't think I would object to eating this cake, it looks oh so tasty! But the main dish, wow! I've never tried anything like that, but I think I might soon, YUM!

  19. A new dish for me, that looks awesome! Great looking cake! Belated birthday wishes to your son!

  20. We also call this preparation 'Crispy Fried Bhindi'...In fact we made it yesterday!! I have not tried it baking and thanks to your post, now I know that it is best fried and not baked.

  21. I love okra. We eat it in so many ways. so def. a way to try.. I can see you are just one short for 100 followers:)

  22. I love crisp fried bhindi either as a snack or with dal chawal. This looks so yummy!

  23. bhindi is one of our family favorites !!!!this is a must try recipe...bookmarked !

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