Saturday, 21 April 2012

lazy cooks spinach souffle

Hi there........first and foremost..THANK YOU....all those who wished me luck with my assignments(I really needed it)..and all those who took the time out to write a comment...I love you guys!I really... really update on my studies is that I now have to submit all the stuff in sept. and give the exam in I'm back!......I seriously wonder if I'M in my right mind(for taking on the added stress of studying).I'm no spring chicken..heck I'm going to be 40 this dec...the big four O....I studied when  was younger..honest..I was a pilot(cross my heart)..I can't get my kids to study..and here I am with books coming out of my ears! .....anyway I signed up(read...hubby had to cough up money for the course) I guess I got to go through with it!
Now onto the recipe...this is really easy to do..this was one of the side dishes when I had some friends over for dinner.The pic ain't pretty..but the taste is good me.
1 cup spinach puree...(wash a bunch of spinach leaves..300gms...put 2 cloves of garlic,a 1/2 inch pc of ginger..and shove the whole thing in the microwave for 3-4 mins..then simply let it cool down and blitz)
3 eggs
100 gms cheese(i did a 50-50 mix.....cheddar..and pizza we don't get mozzarella here)
1 tetra pack cream(200 gms)
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp mustard paste.
1.Beat the eggs,add the cream,cheese ,spinach puree,mustard paste,salt and pepper.....
2.Pour into an ovenproof dish....I used to bake this at 180deg for an hour..this time I put it in the microwave (at max)..for 12 mins.
3.It tastes good cold or at room temp.


  1. this looks so easy and healthy.

  2. Very colorful n healthy one,Simran..Never thought to p[repare souffle with spinach,natural coloring..I think I missed wishing your exams,Good Luck !!

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    Erivum Puliyum

  3. I have posted a different version of spinach souffle'today too! I like your one, very healthy and straightforward! I love souffle'!

  4. Super healthy souffle,simply love it..

  5. Glad to see you back in action...and i am sure you will do well in your exams too..whenever they are.As long as you don't feel like it four oh is just a number and you are unlisted.Coming to the sure is healthy and yummy.Should try it till the spinach lasts

  6. Sounds very interesting. Delicious & healthy recipe, looks fantastic!

  7. Sounds very delicious and healthy :)

  8. What a yummy combination of flavors!

  9. Hello! this is my first time here and love the idea of spinach soufflé! Thanks for sharing!

  10. First time here...spinach souffle looks gr8.

  11. That sounds super delicious..

  12. Loved the bright colour! Delicious recipe!!