Thursday, 12 April 2012

lazy cooks penne with mushrooms and sausages

Hi everyone.......a very good morning to all.this is a quick post on a quick,one dish meal.The vegetarians can leave out the sausages(obviously)
penne-1 packet(200gms)
8-9 cloves of garlic..pound together with 1 green chilli
1 big onion chopped fine
3 med sized tomatoes chopped fine
1 packet of button mushrooms ..chopped
1 medium sized capcicum chopped
1 tablespoon of worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon of oregano
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 packet of ready cooked sausages.....cut into pcs.
salt and pepper to taste
some grated cheese(optional)
1.In a kadhai(heavy bottomed wok),add the olive oil...the the garlic green chilli paste.....fry for a min...then add the onions and fry till golden brown.
2.Now add the tomatoes,salt and pepper.fry this well..till the oil leaves the mix.
3.Put the mushrooms...and the capcicum in(I also added some chopped cilantro here),add the worcestershire sauce,cover and cook till the mushrooms are done.....dry up the residual liquid.Add the sausages.
4.Side by side put a big pan of water to boil..when it gets to a rolling boil,add the penne......cook for about 6-7 mins...drain the hot water..rinse in cold water.

5.Toss the penne in this ...serve hot.I would normally have avoided adding cheese to this..but my daughter loves cheese and hates mushrooms.........i figured the cheese would disguise the mushrooms(did not ..i might add..she still gagged when she got mushroom in her mouth!)In all fairness though the cheese did help the flavours along and upped the taste(in my very humble opinion!)


  1. Yummy..I am sure...firstly because all the ingredients are yummy and secondly because you made it.

  2. Yummy pasta variety... Looks so delicious

  3. Pasta looks yumm, might be I'll replace the sausages with soy granules..

  4. very quick.... looking yum

    1. thanks julie,vimitha,hema and reshmi.........hema soya granules sound like a really good sustitute.

  5. looks quite delectable.. creamy and it! bookmarked.

  6. Wow delicious..can just imagine the taste..yummy/

  7. Omg, makes me hungry,wat an incredible pasta dish..

  8. lovely & delicious...want to taste it right now..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  9. Looks very delicious and love the cheese garnish on the top.

  10. A great recipe out there dear....Simran really suoperb