Sunday, 15 January 2012

lazy cooks nuts 'bout you.

Hi!I am back after the lovely sun n sand holiday at goa..........back to udham which is freezing and raining and the sun has vanished(gone to goa methinks!)This is a pic of us on board a boat which took my husband and kids parasailing in the sea(i held onto my hat and looked out for dolphins......i'm petrified of the sea..........i was also praying !)

In this cold cold weather.....i crave hot desserts......and anything that'll get done without too much effort on my part.Well this is it!
1. 1 tin milkmaid
2. 1 grated (fresh) coconut
3. 1 cup mixed nuts
4 1 cup candied cherries
5.1/2 cup candied mixed peel
6.1 1/2 tablespoon rum(i used whisky)or if you don't want alcohol use a teaspoon of vanilla essence
1.Simply throw everything together and mix thoroughly.
2.Butter the dish in which you're going to bake,put the mix in.and microwave on max for 10 min(or thereabouts).It will behave like a that it will leave the sides if the dish and then you know its ready.

3.Take it out and serve it hot.with some whipped cream if so desired...i like it plain
.I could'nt think of a better name....but i figured this has nuts....... and i love it there!Nuts 'bout you!
Before i sign off i had to put one more pic of my family,in goa,at big foot.In just a year my son's now taller than me and my daughter is fast catching up!
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