Monday, 2 January 2012

lazy cooks thai cucumber salad

Hi!Though it continues to be really cold out we must..and if its healthy....all the better!I mentioned the healthy bit because there is nothing better than having maggi,made by the roadside dhabawallah when you are surrounded by snow covered mountains and your teeth are chattering.......its pretty amazing.Seriously!
Anyway to continue.........this thai cucumber salad is refreshing,its pretty healthy and quite frankly the fussy husband loves this.I must also admit that the authencity of this dish has been done away with....cause i do not use fish sauce...i do not like it...but you feel free to add it.....(1 tsp fish sauce goes into the dressing)
1.1 med sized cucumber(you need to get 1 cup thinly sliced cucumber slices)
2.1/2 cup peanuts(plain....simply roast ,peel and lightly pound them)
3.1 small onion chopped fine
4.1tblsp chopped red chilli
5.2 tblsp chopped cilantro(dhaniya)
1.1 tblsp vinegar(or you can use lemon juice)
2.2 tblsp sugar
3.1/2 tsp salt
4.2tblsp water.
5.1/4 tsp redchilli powder
1.Simply put all the salad ingrds ,after all the chopping..and pounding, into a biggish plastic dabba(with a tight fitting lid......or else things will get really messy!)
2.Get your dressing ready,put everything into a pan...heat till the sugar dissolves...voila...dressing ready.
3.Pour the dressing onto the cucumber and co........close the lid..shake well......taste.
4.Transfer onto the serving dish,take pictures......then serve to the waiting family members!
entering this salad in Ambrosia's event.... and...


  1. salad looks healthy n yum

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