Wednesday, 18 January 2012

lazy cooks triple chocolate cookies

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Hi everyone......a simple little thought- how do people in merry ol' england stay merry?We have the english weather out here (in the himalaya's!)..its cold,wet and miserable!Anyway to cheer the lot of us i baked these healthy cookies yesterday.Healthy..coz its made with whole wheat and brown sugar..and cocoa(feel good factor)...its easy to do and whats more with each bite you'll not feel too guilty!
1.1 cup atta(whole wheat flour)
2.1/2 cup oats
3.100 gms butter
4.1 egg
5.1/2 cup brown sugar
6.2 tablespoons cocoa powdr
7.1 level teaspoon baking soda
8.1 teaspoon vanilla essence
9.1/4 cup each of dark chocolate and white chocolate chips

1.Sieve the dry ingrds together(atta,baking soda and cocoa pdr).
2.Beat the butter and sugar together(if reqd..microwave the butter for a few seconds to make it a little soft).Add the essence and egg,beat well.
3.Pre heat the oven(switch it on at this stage at 180degC)
4.Add the flour,oats and chocolate chips.Mix well. I use an electric beater.
5.Butter the cookie tray(if you have parchment paper then just use that)....then simply use a rounded spoon to plop the cookies onto the tray(use an ice cream scoop...i could'nt find mine!)
6.Into the hot oven for 13-15 mins.Take 'em out and put them onto a wire rack to cool.........ENJOY!
view outside
On a totally unrelated note.....due to the weather..this is what my daughter was upto

can't step out!
huh?.can't hear you!

when is this going to end?

i'm grinning!

i'm soooooooo embarassed..this is humiliating.

feel a little better!
Waiting for the sun to shine....take care.Sending this to Teenz's Yummy delights
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  1. Nice doggy pictures and the recipe looks yum.....only problem is can't bake with these will wait till life becomes normal....if thats possible in udhampur

  2. Oooh your dogs are adorable. I have a golden cocker spaniel who looks like yours but always has a much naughtier expression on his face!

  3. awesome cookies....superb recipe

  4. yummy cookies..your doggie looks super cool

  5. Hey simran! Thanks for stopping by at my blog & leaving those lovely comments! I am sure you will pick up Mangalorean food too as I see you have a great collection of recipes here and we seem to have a lot in common - if my dog was still around, I would have dressed him up like that & imagined him thinking of the same comments!! Love the blog, keep up the good work!

    1. thank you.i do some of the veg mangalorean stuff.....had never done any non-veg...and i loved your that will get done soon.

  6. Lovely doggy n pictures..chocolate cookies are yummy!!

    Erivum Puliyum

  7. cookies look delicious.....nice blog!

  8. Thanx for linking to my event dear. Your dogs look so cute..! I love the portrait pic with the glasses..!

  9. Nice to have stopped here dear- Look forward to more recipes from you - cheers, priya

  10. Lovely recipe...those cookies look so yum..thanks for dropping by and leaving in ur kind words of appreciations!

  11. Delicious cookies. Thanks for linking to the event !! Happy to follow u :)

    Ongoing Event - CC-Chocolate Fest

  12. Scrumptious cookies! I'm sure your kitchen would have smelled gr8 while baking! Thx for linking to my event :)