Thursday, 9 February 2012

lazy cooks dalitoy

First I'll give you a little background.I am a north indian (punjabi-himachali mix) married to a south indian(a manglorean GSB....a konkani fellow).I have been married for 15 years and this dal(taught to me by my sister-in law) is made practically everyday in my house.......always called arhar dal (or the kids call it yellow dal).The other day i happened to see the similar dal at

ruchik randhap  and it was called dalitoy/dali tove....i told my husband of 15 years about this great discovery..and he told me that it dalitoy...huh??i asked him why he did'nt tell me and he said i hadn't asked!aaaaaaaaagrrrh.MEN!Onto the recipe...
1. 1/2 arhar dal(red gram)..if there is another name for it please let me know.
2. 1 big tomato chopped into small pcs
3. 1 inch pc. of ginger chopped fine
4. 1 green chilli chopped fine
5. some cilantro chopped fine.
6. salt and red chilli pdr to taste
7. a nice and healthy pinch of hing(asfoetida)
for the tadka
1.1 tablespoon coconut oil
2. 1 teaspoon rai(mustard seeds)
3. 2 dried red chillis
4. a sprig of curry leaves
1.Put the dal and water in a presure cooker(1:4 ratio...1 dal:4 water).Give it one whistle.Let the pressure drop.
2.Open the pressure cooker and put everything till 7 in it.Close the cooker and give it one more whistle.When the pressure drops...put it in your serving bowl.
3. Heat the coconut oil,add all the tadka ingrds..after the spluttering stops ,put the tadka in the dal.This dalitoy tastes great with plain rice...and some fried fish or chicken on the side !

P.S..Old habits are hard to break...we're back to calling it arhar dal!...but you be wise and call it by its name:) 


  1. wow....another version of dhaal...luvd the way u did it...

    1. thanks faseela...the hubby's family recipe!

  2. awesome healthy it..;P

    Tasty Appetite

  3. Interesting this makeover of our old toovar/arhar dal....and what's in a name as long as everyone likes it.Will try it definitely

    1. toovar dal..thats one more name for the arhar dal...:)

  4. What a coincidence Simran --I am married to a Mangalorean GSB Konkani too and dalitoy is a routine dish we are served in inlaws place but I havent bothered to learn it as hubby doesnt like it much!

    1. We must meet!!.......Dr.Sonia,the dalitoy toook a little getting used to,but now i'm addicted!

  5. Yumm n droolworthy Dalitoy Recipe Dear.Luv it

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