Wednesday, 29 February 2012

lazy cooks mushroom manchurian and awards!

With due apologies to the actual manhcurian.........this is my version and i have it with paranthas!.......can't get anymore "fusiony" than this!
200 button mushrooms(cut into half)
4 tablespoons of cornflour +1 tablespoon of flour(maida)
salt and pepper to taste
1 capcicum cut into med. sized pcs
2 spring onions cut into pcs
1 tablespoon gingergarlic paste
1 tablespoon each of soya sauce,tomato sauce,red chilli sauce and green chilli sauce
1 tsp cornflour dissolved in a little water
1.  Make a paste with the cornflour and flour,salt,pepper and water.coat the mushrooms in this batter and deep fry till done(takes about 5 mins)
2.In a wok/kahhai,heat 1 tsp of veg. oil....fry the ginger garlic saute the onions(the bulb portion of the spring onions) and capcicum(on a high flame)..till the onions are slightly caramelised.....add the sauces and 1/2 cup of water..let it come to a boil.....taste the seasoning.......add the last bit of dissolved cornflour..........the mixture will thicken..then add the fried mushrooms and the spring onions(the green portion).

3.Serve hot.Although i like this with roti/paranthas..this makes a really good starter......and ofcourse goes well with fried rice.This recipe is adapted from the weikfield cornflour carton(they have the recipe printed on one side)Poonam frm.
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and Princy from/ sweet enough to pass on these awards to me..........thank you guys..I'm really touched!They have really nice blogs themselves so please folks do check their blogs out too.i learn so much from all my blogger buddies..............the most important fact being that i think that all you guys are great!

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  1. yummy mushroom manchurian.....
    congrats dear

  2. Simran, this is totally new to me...what a wonderful twist..YUM!

  3. wow...will definitely try mushrooms and love chinese...fantatstic

  4. You guys will drive me nuts after such lip-smacking recipes. I want the whole bowl right now. :))

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  5. Looks so delicious, you have done it very well, awesome..

  6. Hi Simran! Thank you so much for participating in Kid’s Delight event. :) I’ve posted the Roundup in 3 parts. You can check your entry at Part 1, Part 1 or Part 3.
    Kavi (Edible Entertainment)

  7. Never tried mushroom manchurian. Looks yum. Will try soon.

  8. I have never had this type of mushrooms. They look very good! Well done!

  9. I love mushrooms,looks delish!!

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  10. looking great n iam sure i tastes best..........congrats on ur awards...

  11. This is a quick recipe... Looks delicious too...

    Congrats on the awards... Did u forget to write 7 random things about u? Or was it intentional? I was kind of looking forward to read that looking a the versatile Blogger award

  12. hi anisha.thank,i didn't forget..the thing is that a couple of posts back(grape raita)..i had got the same award and written the 7 things and passed on the awards....wasn't sure if i should be doing it you think i should?

    1. I didn't know you had done it before... I'll check on that post :)

  13. going now to tey this yummmy dish....thanxz ;;manisha

  14. I love mushrooms, and I have been seeing this kit for a long time. I'm curious how it works.

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