Monday, 13 February 2012

lazycooks devils food cupcakes with frosting

12 in the afternoon
Hi there !Valentines day!another excuse for indulging in chocolate and frosting.This frosting is called the best frosting in the world(by missydew)..I tried it for the first time today and agree totally!Its light and wonderful,don't let the ingrds scare you.My daughter Bambi helped out with the making of the cupcakes and the decorating ..the kids were at home today because the weather was awful....and they PROMISED to study.....she decided that she HAD to help with the cupcakes and my son just had to lie flat on his back and contemplate whats up with the roof.! Studies...hah!
 1. 2 cups flour seived with
2. 1 tsp baking soda&1/2 tsp baking pwdr
3. 1/2 cup cocoa pdr
4. 3/4 cup boiling water.
5. 1/2 cup veg oil
6. 11/2 cups brown sugar
7. 3/4 cup of buttermilk(or if you're like me..then 3/4 cup of milk in which you add 11/2 tsp of vinegar)
8.1 tsp vanilla essence.
1. Mix the cocoa pdr and boiling water until smooth.
2. Sieve the flour with the b.p. ans b.s.
3. Run to preheat the oven(180deg C/gas mark 4)
4. Get your daughter to beat(with an electric whisk)the sugar,oil ,vanilla essence and eggs together.pour in the cocoa mix.
5. Now put the flour and buttermilk alternately into the mixture,mix well.
6.Prepare the muffin tin by putting the cup cake wrappers in them,then pour this cake mix till 3/4th of the wrapper
7.Bake for 25 mins or thereabouts..till a skewer comes out clean...i kin of kept stabbing them with the knife.
8.Take 'em out &let them cool.
the unadorned beauties!

INGRDS for the best frosting in the world!(by MissyDew)
1. 2 1/2 tablespoons flour(yes! you heard me)
2. 1/2 cup of milk
3. 50gms butter
4. 1/2 cup granulated sugar
5. 1 tsp vanilla essence
1.Heat the flour and milk together,stirring'll get thick..take it off the heat.
2. with an electric whisk,beat the butter and sugar together till nice an fluffy,add the vanilla.....then add the cooled milk sludge....keep beating...2-3 gets fluffier!
3. Spread on the cupcakes...or any chocolate cake...i won't call it the absolute best...that honour goes to truffle icing...but this is a real close second.
4.sprinkle some sprinkles on top.
Have fun on valentines guys...:)
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  1. ooo if only this evening was not all dat cold n windy. going to kitchen is one task ....anyways thanxz simran ,,,loved them ...manisha

  2. wow...amazing cup cakes....i luvd the frosting part...will have it atry soon

  3. I just loved the superb frosting on them...toooo good!! :)
    Thanks for linking; waiting for a battery full of entries from you; we also have a sweet tooth like u guys. :)

    1. thank you....and will def. be linking up!:)

  4. sooooo totally it..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Cupcakes look so tempting with all the frostings on them. Loved your preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Frosting seems really light!!! Must try. Thanks for linking up to my event.

  7. julie,jay,deepa and sumee..thank you.:)

  8. Will definitely try it some time.

    1. do!..and let me know how the turned out..:)

  9. Cupcakes look delicious dear....perfect for valentines day:-)


  10. They look absolutely gorgeous and yummy and I am sure taste the same.

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  12. They look absolutely divine..! A definite treat for the kids. Thanx for linking to my event ..

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  14. Yummy cupcake!! Thanks for sharing with my event!

  15. My sister's favorite was the devils food cupcakes that she got from one of her friends. She always talks about it whenever we meet! this looks delicious! I’m definitely making this! thanks for sharing!

    - Ihjaz Ahmad